This is our second time using Crane Builders. Jimmy built our first house in Bay St. Louis four years before Katrina. We were extremely pleased with his work then. Now he is rebuilding our house in the same location. We would have never considered using anyone else. We live in Atlanta so it is imperative that we use a professional that we can trust implicitly. He is finishing within the original time frame. Jimmy and his crew are wonderful to work with. We will recommend them to anyone without hesitation.
Virginia and Jimmy Brooks

For the past ten years, Jimmy Crane has been the person I have called for renovation, repair or just to board the house up for a storm. Actually, he calls me when it’s time to board up – that’s the care he takes for his clients.

The first house we renovated together was a home in Bay St. Louis that had been in my family for four generations. I might have been the fourth generation to own it but I was the first to do a major renovation. The finished product was beautiful – something my whole family was proud of. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary there – the same place where they had celebrated their wedding. The home was on the Garden Club tour twice. Unfortunately, you can’t go see it because it was totally destroyed in Katrina but ask anyone in Bay St. Louis and they can tell you what a wonderful job Crane Builders did.

Crane Builders has renovated the rear cottage at 418 S. Beach that barely survived the storm and has moved on with me across the Bay to Pass Christian to help with the constant upkeep demanded of the house I own now at 849 E. Scenic Drive. I never would have taken on another historic house without knowing they would be there when the roof leaked, the termites moved in, or the fuses kept blowing.

They have just completed a gazebo for me that replicates the one originally on the property up until Camille. It is quickly becoming a new landmark in Pass Christian, right before the turn onto Menge.

One thing that I have to emphasize is that Crane Builders is not just about building. They have handled everything for me – translating architect and engineer’s drawings into cost effective plans; getting permits which in Bay St. Louis and the historic district of Pass Christian is not always easy; setting standards for performance of subcontractors which means that I get a good end result; and being only a phone call away when I need repairs.

Charlotte Christman

Over the years, Crane Builders has done work for us personally and commercially in New Orleans. Most recently, Crane completed our beautiful family home in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

We brought Crane Builders in from the beginning to be an integral part of the planning stages with the architects and the modular home company. The entire project was run through Crane with very little worries to us as owners. The timetable, budgets and expenditures were all presented up front. Everyone was thoroughly appraised of the day-by-day processes and expectations.

I can honestly say our home became a reality through a team effort, with Crane Builders as the leader. The company truly took ownership of a high quality project which exceeded our expectations upon completion. Building a new home could not have been easier!


Marc and Gayle Eagan

In over 28 years with Loyola University, I have used Crane Builders for both large and small projects, ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $500,000 in scope. Crane Builders has proven to be reliable and skillful no matter what the size of the project. Their most recent project for us was the construction of a residence in Waveland, Mississippi. Jimmy Crane’s integrity, attention to detail, and budgetary management skills are only a few of his strong points. I would recommend Crane Builders without hesitation.

Paul C Fleming

Let me begin by saying I have never wanted to build a house. I have loved every used and abused old house I have ever lived in. However, when I decided it was time to rebuild on my property in Waveland, Mississippi seven long years after hurricane Katrina, I picked up the telephone and called my old friend Jimmy Crane.

I explained to Jimmy that one of my main requirements was that I did not want to be driving back and forth from Avery Island to Waveland . That we would have to do most of this via email and telephone. I then described to Jimmy basically what I wanted. Within a week I received the floor plans to a house that was absolutely what I had described. Jimmy Crane truly listened to what I said; he did not overlook one detail. He got it right right from the get-go!

Off-site construction of my house began in February. When the “pods” were delivered, the subs were on the job immediately. By the end of June I was able to spend the night in my new house! It was a miracle. It was also the easiest major project that I have ever undertaken. I made exactly 2 trips to Mississippi in order to pick out flooring, carpet, cabinets, etc. Also of importance was the fact that there were “no surprises” along the way and the final cost was to the penny as quoted. How rare is that?

Team Crane (as I so fondly call Jimmy, Sharon, Jackye and their crew) are miracle workers. Never have I ever seen so many happy dedicated people that seem to absolutely love their job and respect the people that they work for and with. In fact, many of the men have been with Jimmy for years which speaks volumes as to Jimmy’s integrity. These workers were an integral part of this project being such a pleasure.

Bottom line: I cannot imagine building a house any other way or without Team Crane. OH! I forgot to mention – I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!

Mary Brackman

Please excuse the typewritten note, but I have so much to thank you for that I couldn’t possibly write it all in longhand.

First, and most importantly, Frank and I want you to know that we are absolutely delighted with our home. It is everything we’d hoped for and more. The whole remodeling experience was practically seamless, thanks to your dedication, attention to detail, prompt responses to every situation, and continual communication with us.

Many of the changes that were made to this 1985 building were not our ideas, but yours, and they have surely enhanced the functionality of this home. I, specifically, am grateful for the ease of flow from room to room and the small addition on the rear of the house. The heightened and widened interior doorways have given the entire home a much more spacious feel. It took your vision to create the perfect home for us at this time in our lives and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

We also appreciate the fact that we have known where we stood with the project financially every step of the way. There were no surprises and we were always made aware of the cost of any changes prior to their implementation. The billing was detailed and fair.

Many thanks, too, to Alvin for his skill and knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with him. We surely appreciate his quiet, professional manner and the diligence with which he did his work.

So many neighbors and friends of the previous owners of the house have come by to see it and marvel at what it has become. We are proud to tell them that it is the work of Crane Builders. You all do a great job!

Most sincerely and with deepest gratitude,

Susan McClellan